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How to Find a Resource

How do I search for a resource?

You do not need to learn about sophisticated search strategy. We identify your needs into four categories: 1) research and learning goal; 2) resource type; 3) user type;  and 4) supporting unit.  They are all listed on the homepage of this hub, and you can just simply click the icon in order to get the list of associated resources .

We also provide a Google-like search box in the top menu bar.

What are the data fields in a record?

Each record contains title, description, support unit, target user, URL, and the preview of the resource.

Frequent Questions

Who contribute the contents to the Hub?

Currently, resources from 16 departments are included. You may find them at Contributors.

How do I submit a new resource for inclusion in the Hub?

You can send us the details of your resource by visiting Suggest a Resource page.

When will my submitted resource be visible in the Hub?

HKU Libraries is responsible for checking and approving the submitted resource to be included in this web site.  It will take no more than 2 working days to do so.

Can I access this web site by mobile device?

This web site is developed by using Responsive Web Design (RWD) approach. It will look good on every browser and device, such as  Mac (Apple), Windows (Microsoft), iPhone, Android, or any other platform.