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HKU’s centralized platform for promoting easy access to
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Centrally Provided Software
Software available for use by staff and/or students without additional cost, subject to the terms described.
Facilities for organizing activities
The page includes useful information in organizing activities such as guidelines and regulations of venue booking, publicity and safety matters.
School of Humanities e-learning Resources
This website by School of Humanities provides information about the e-learning software, websites and channels that could support e-learning.
Machinery and methods
This page listed out all the tools and equipment provided by the faculty of architecture for booking.
HKU E-learning Platform in Clinical Medicine
This e-learning platform provides videos about physical examination skills and learning materials of individual divisions.
HKU E-Learning Platform in Pediatric cardiology
This e-learning platform provides learning materials regarding pediatric cardiology such as physical examination skills, signs, ECG interpretation, heart sounds, etc.
Applications developed by TELI.
ITS organizes various regular training courses and seminars to facilitate staff and students in getting the know-how in using the central IT services.
About classroom
The University has a system in place to enable students to use some of the small classrooms for study purposes when they are not in use for teaching.
High Performance Computing services
ITS supports High Performance Computing (HPC) service for University researchers and scholars from diverse disciplines whose work requires intensive computations.