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Learning Space

Learning Space & Learning Technologies
Central Learning Space are managed by Learning Environment Services (LES) under co-branding strategy between ITS and University Libraries.
Teaching Space & Deskside Support
Classroom Support in centrally administered classrooms and lecture theatres are provided by Learning Environment Services (LES) and we also provides a wide spectrum of services to support the teaching and learning.
Teaching Space
The University has a system in place to enable students to use some of the small classrooms for study purposes when they are not in use for teaching.
Facilities for organizing activities
The page includes useful information in organizing activities such as guidelines and regulations of venue booking, publicity and safety matters.
Machinery and methods
This page listed out all the tools and equipment provided by the faculty of architecture for booking.
Special Study Rooms
Special Study Rooms support students with special education needs.
Multi-purpose Area
The Ingenium’s flexible exhibition and event spaces can transform through folding partitions to accommodate conferences, events, and workshops.
LIC Classroom
LIC classroom can be booked for a small group teaching. Booking must be made at least 10 working days in advance subject to availability.
Library Innovation Centre
The Library Innovation Centre is the creative, collaborative and educational space which provides access to advanced software, emerging technologies and production equipment.
Level 3
Level 3 is a learning commons style facility providing a variety of spaces suitable for different learning styles including reflective self-study as well as collaborative study.
Exhibition and Event Space
The Ingenium’s flexible exhibition and event spaces can transform through folding partitions to accommodate conferences, events, and workshops.
Editing Rooms
Editing room is a sound proof audio recording room.
e-Learning Resources @ TELI
These e-Learning Resources lists are not exhaustive but meant to facilitate your brainstorming and kick-starting your own journey in searching the right materials for yourself.
Digital Interactive Lab
Digital Interactive Lab is designed for teaching, seminar and conference use.
Concept and Creation Rooms
Concept and Creation Rooms provide opportunities for users collaborative learning to brainstorm new concepts, share ideas, and work in groups.
Chi Wah Learning Commons (CWLC)
Chi Wah Learning Commons (智華館) is a technology-rich, shared or common space in which students, teachers and others can come together to interact, and participate in various kinds of learning activities held there.
Immersive Technology Space
Provide a space for students, faculty and staff to create immersive content and experience virtual reality as a tool for teaching, learning, and hands-on design.
VR Salon
A digital cultural experimental space.
Digital Literacy Lab
A variety of consultations, workshops and discussions to help you succeed at HKU, and to support your development as a communicator beyond the university
The Tech@Ingenium is a space for experiencing and conceptualizing creative ideas with workstations equipped with artificial intelligence and virtual reality