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Digital Literacy LibGuide
A LibGuide on consolidated resources, event and other information of Digital Information of the University of Hong Kong.
CAMPUS Project T&L e-toolkit
The CAMPUS project teaching & learning e-toolkit is an excellent platform for all Faculty members to design their own ageing-infusion teaching plan in 7 simple steps.
Library Course Materials
Library course materials available in DataHub.
A history of modern art in 73 lectures
A comprehensive introduction to the history of modern and contemporary art by Professor David Clarke of the Department of Art History
Academic Advising Discussion Forum @ Moodle
For all HKU undergraduate students to exchange your ideas and experience throughout your study journey
Library training
Library courses information.
HKU Communication-Intensive Courses
CI-badged courses are courses that consist of a syllabus with components that explicitly develop communication-related knowledge, skills and attributes.
HKU Moodle
Login Moodle with you HKU Portal ID and pin to view your course materials.
Successful Job Application
A free online course designed to help students acquire the skills and better prepare for the job application.
Preparing for Experiential Learning: a video resource pack
A video resource pack for helping HKU students prepare themselves for experiential learning.
ILT01 Information Literacy Training: Academic Honesty
A course about academic honesty and integrity
Interactive Online Learning
A 15-day course about design considerations and implementation skills for e-learning at three different scales
Common Recruitment Examination and Basic Law Test
A free online sample test designed to help students acquire the skills and better prepare for the examination.
HKU Common Core Courses
A series of six courses across four Areas of Inquiry that is required of all HKU undergraduates
TELI003 Video Production Training
A course about the steps and tips of video production
Flipped Classroom @ HKU
A new way of teaching with an integration of technology and pedagogy
Online courses for self-learning
Massive Open Online Courses designed and taught by world-renowned professors at the University