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Virtual Learning Accessibility Toolkit – Guidelines on accessible digital educational materials and virtual learning environment
Systematic guidelines that cover 17 examples of authoring tools and digital materials such as PowerPoint and PDF; selection of e-learning tools from the accessibility perspective, and tips on delivering accessible livestreaming session. Website version:
#IDEALeaders Self-Learning Video Series: Co-creation of virtual learning accessibility
Features 14 topics on basic concepts, practical tips, and resources for the accessibility of virtual teaching and learning, e.g., enhancing the accessibility of real-time screen sharing and screenshot sharing; and looking for potential solutions to remedy inaccessible virtual teaching and learning.
ITS organizes various regular training courses and seminars to facilitate staff and students in getting the know-how in using the central IT services.
All Seminars & Workshops
All the seminars and workshops provided by TALIC are listed on the website for registration.
Learning and Assessment for Digital Citizenship
Learning and Assessment for Digital Citizenship is an interdisciplinary research project to study the impact of digital media on the everyday life of children and youth, and on their development as citizens in an increasingly technology-intensive and globally-connected world.
Library Course Materials
Library course materials available in DataHub.
A history of modern art in 73 lectures
A comprehensive introduction to the history of modern and contemporary art by Professor David Clarke of the Department of Art History
Academic Advising Discussion Forum @ Moodle
For all HKU undergraduate students to exchange your ideas and experience throughout your study journey
Outcomes-Based Approaches to Student Learning
OBASL is an approach to programme and course design, and to teaching and learning, that is focused upon what the students are expected to learn and to do, rather than what the teacher expects to teach and do.
Teaching and Learning with Technology
Enhancing learning experiences through the creative, appropriate and effective use of technologies
HKU Communication-Intensive Courses
CI-badged courses are courses that consist of a syllabus with components that explicitly develop communication-related knowledge, skills and attributes.
HKU Moodle
Login Moodle with you HKU Portal ID and pin to view your course materials.
e-Learning Resources @ TELI
These e-Learning Resources lists are not exhaustive but meant to facilitate your brainstorming and kick-starting your own journey in searching the right materials for yourself.
Successful Job Application
A free online course designed to help students acquire the skills and better prepare for the job application.
Preparing for Experiential Learning: a video resource pack
A video resource pack for helping HKU students prepare themselves for experiential learning.
Interactive Online Learning
A 15-day course about design considerations and implementation skills for e-learning at three different scales
Common Recruitment Examination and Basic Law Test
A free online sample test designed to help students acquire the skills and better prepare for the examination.
HKU Common Core Courses
A series of six courses across four Areas of Inquiry that is required of all HKU undergraduates
Exercise Videos for Home Based Training
Continue to be physically active by doing home-based workouts when gyms are closed
TELI003 Video Production Training
A course about the steps and tips of video production
Flipped Classroom @ HKU
A new way of teaching with an integration of technology and pedagogy
Online courses for self-learning
Massive Open Online Courses designed and taught by world-renowned professors at the University