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E-Learning Space
A free and voluntary-based operation built using Notion to share useful tips and tricks with people who are interested in e-learning tools and hacks.
Loan Item List
Portable audio, video and data projection equipment for loan to all staff and students for teaching, presentations or self-learning purposes. Apply via Online Booking System (HKUFBS) (
Digital Literacy Laboratory
DLL equipped with digital video facilities and multipurpose studio to encourage active learning and experiences through digital technologies.
Resources for Patient
Ebook for teachers and professional voice users who want to use their speaking voice more efficiently.
Centrally Provided Software
Software available for use by staff and/or students without additional cost, subject to the terms described.
School of Humanities e-learning Resources
This website by School of Humanities provides information about the e-learning software, websites and channels that could support e-learning.
Machinery and methods
This page listed out all the tools and equipment provided by the faculty of architecture for booking.
HKU E-learning Platform in Clinical Medicine
This e-learning platform provides videos about physical examination skills and learning materials of individual divisions.
HKU E-Learning Platform in Pediatric cardiology
This e-learning platform provides learning materials regarding pediatric cardiology such as physical examination skills, signs, ECG interpretation, heart sounds, etc.
Applications developed by TALIC.
High Performance Computing services
ITS supports High Performance Computing (HPC) service for University researchers and scholars from diverse disciplines whose work requires intensive computations.
HKU e-learning YouTube channel
The YouTube Channel of HKU e-learning created by TALIC.
Faculty of Law E-learning Hub
This website lists out the e-learning resources available for students/staff and their user guides. Some sharing videos by students and professors are also included.
Designing Online Courses
How can we learn from last 2 year’s ‘emergency remote teaching’ and online learning models to re-design our courses? This website provides a range of resources on online course designing. You will be able to find videos and presentations on key topics, TIPs pages, a course planner, and useful links.
Dual Mode Teaching @ HKU
This website curates a range of resources on dual-mode teaching, which were compiled based on various sources. You will be able to find a framework, TIPs and tricks, video resources, and useful links.
Weava Highlighter for Webpages & PDFs
Weava is an HKU student-started productivity tool for students to easily research, organize and process information. Weava is used by more than 650,000 students and educators around the world who use Weava to identify, highlight, annotate and organize information online (both web and PDFs), create citations and more.
Find subject information on LibGuides
Moodle Assignment Deadline Notification For Teachers
By subscribing, teachers will receive a notification email message three days before the due date of a "Moodle assignment", that is at the same time as students do.
Panopto for teachers (user info)
The HKU Lecture Capture Service (LCS) is powered by Panopto lecture capture system, being integrated with the Moodle LMS, the service supports our teachers and students to do video recording, playing back through Moodle courses, video management, editing, sharing, and inside-video searching.
Lecture Capture Services
Lecture Capture Services (LCS) is supported by Panopto system.
Panopto for students (user info)
Panopto supports students to do video recording, playing back, video management, editing, sharing, and inside-video search.
Shadow Education Bibliography
The CERC Shadow Education Special Interest Group has moved the shadow education bibliography to database format to better accomodate our more than 400 entries.
LIC Software
List of software available in Library innovation center.
Teaching and Learning with Technology
Enhancing learning experiences through the creative, appropriate and effective use of technologies
Audiovisual Consultation and Theatre Technologies
Learning Environment Services (LES) provides faculty, staff and student organizations with audio visual equipment and technical assistance for meetings, conferences and events in lecture theatres and performance venues of HKU. LES also offers consulting services to faculties and departments wishing to add new audiovisual or modify existing technology solutions.
Technology-enhanced Learning (TeL) @ HKU
Technology-enhanced Learning (TeL) @ HKU refers broadly to the application of any technology for the purpose of enhancing teaching and learning.
TIPS (Teaching Innovation Production Studio)
TIPS (Teaching Innovation Production Studio) is a high-quality environment for multimedia production such as filming or sound recording. In this studio, you will enjoy professional multimedia support and advisory services from TALIC in creating your very own videos.
Tips for Teaching Engineering Education
For conceptual and practical information relating to the development, innovation and research for engineering education.
Turnitin offers Originality Check on students' work for proper citation or potential plagiarism.
HKU CC Tutor Net
This is an online teaching support network for TAs and TUTORS of Common Core courses.
Keep updated on research information
Introduce BrowZine, Database alerts and Pre-print servers
Tutorial Sign-up Management
The Tutorial Sign-up Management application is designed for the course teachers and course administrators to manage the students’ tutorial group registration. The Tutorial Sign-up Management application can be accessed through the My eLearning tab of HKU Portal.
EdTech Extra
Explore useful resources that will improve and facilitate your work here.
e-Learning Resources @ TELI
These e-Learning Resources lists are not exhaustive but meant to facilitate your brainstorming and kick-starting your own journey in searching the right materials for yourself.
CACLER Teaching and Learning Resources
Teaching and learning resources provided by the Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research.
Audio Visual Support Services
LES (ITS) provides on-site technical support for audio visual events. Apply via CF44
Assessment Resources @HKU
Assessment Resources @HKU is the home for conceptual and practical information relating to the development, innovation and research for assessment in higher education.
Using e-learning to Support Teaching and Learning  In Case of a Pandemic Outbreak or Class Suspension  (Teacher)
If there is a pandemic outbreak or class suspension, how can you continue with your teaching?
Equipment Loan Services
Place request for portable audio, video and data projection equipment
A bibliographical management software to organize bibliographic references and create a bibliography
uPrint Service
uPrint is a print anywhere service that operates based on a quota-based system