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Virtual Learning Accessibility Toolkit – Guidelines on accessible digital educational materials and virtual learning environment
Systematic guidelines that cover 17 examples of authoring tools and digital materials such as PowerPoint and PDF; selection of e-learning tools from the accessibility perspective, and tips on delivering accessible livestreaming session. Website version:
#IDEALeaders Self-Learning Video Series: Co-creation of virtual learning accessibility
Features 14 topics on basic concepts, practical tips, and resources for the accessibility of virtual teaching and learning, e.g., enhancing the accessibility of real-time screen sharing and screenshot sharing; and looking for potential solutions to remedy inaccessible virtual teaching and learning.
Learning Space & Learning Technologies
Central Learning Space are managed by Learning Environment Services (LES) under co-branding strategy between ITS and University Libraries.
Teaching Space & Deskside Support
Classroom Support in centrally administered classrooms and lecture theatres are provided by Learning Environment Services (LES) and we also provides a wide spectrum of services to support the teaching and learning.
E-Learning Space
A free and voluntary-based operation built using Notion to share useful tips and tricks with people who are interested in e-learning tools and hacks.
Loan Item List
Portable audio, video and data projection equipment for loan to all staff and students for teaching, presentations or self-learning purposes. Apply via Online Booking System (HKUFBS) (
Teaching Space
The University has a system in place to enable students to use some of the small classrooms for study purposes when they are not in use for teaching.
Hong Kong in Transition
An open access photographic archive for anyone interested in Hong Kong and its history
Resources for Patient
Ebook for teachers and professional voice users who want to use their speaking voice more efficiently.
Centrally Provided Software
Software available for use by staff and/or students without additional cost, subject to the terms described.
School of Humanities e-learning Resources
This website by School of Humanities provides information about the e-learning software, websites and channels that could support e-learning.
Machinery and methods
This page listed out all the tools and equipment provided by the faculty of architecture for booking.
HKU E-learning Platform in Clinical Medicine
This e-learning platform provides videos about physical examination skills and learning materials of individual divisions.
HKU E-Learning Platform in Pediatric cardiology
This e-learning platform provides learning materials regarding pediatric cardiology such as physical examination skills, signs, ECG interpretation, heart sounds, etc.
Applications developed by TALIC.
ITS organizes various regular training courses and seminars to facilitate staff and students in getting the know-how in using the central IT services.
All Seminars & Workshops
All the seminars and workshops provided by TALIC are listed on the website for registration.
HKU e-learning YouTube channel
The YouTube Channel of HKU e-learning created by TALIC.
Learning and Assessment for Digital Citizenship
Learning and Assessment for Digital Citizenship is an interdisciplinary research project to study the impact of digital media on the everyday life of children and youth, and on their development as citizens in an increasingly technology-intensive and globally-connected world.
Faculty of Law E-learning Hub
This website lists out the e-learning resources available for students/staff and their user guides. Some sharing videos by students and professors are also included.
Weava Highlighter for Webpages & PDFs
Weava is an HKU student-started productivity tool for students to easily research, organize and process information. Weava is used by more than 650,000 students and educators around the world who use Weava to identify, highlight, annotate and organize information online (both web and PDFs), create citations and more.
Digital Literacy LibGuide
A LibGuide on consolidated resources, event and other information of Digital Information of the University of Hong Kong.
Library Course Materials
Library course materials available in DataHub.
Digital Equipment
List of digital equipment available in Main Library for loan such as intelligent cameras, smart speakers, smartglasses and others.
FAIVA Digital Image Database
A digital archive of art and architecture images with textual information provided for teaching and learning. User group: HKU staff and students.
A history of modern art in 73 lectures
A comprehensive introduction to the history of modern and contemporary art by Professor David Clarke of the Department of Art History
Hong Kong Art Archive
Contains visual archive of images of works by HK artists, guides to literature on HK art, etc.
Academic Advising Discussion Forum @ Moodle
For all HKU undergraduate students to exchange your ideas and experience throughout your study journey
Digital Repository@HKUL
A gateway for the discovery of digitized materials from HKUL.
List of Equal Opportunity Advisors in Departments/Halls
Contact list of Equal Opportunity Advisors in Departments/Halls
FAQ on Sexual Harassment
FAQ on Sexual Harassment, including the definition and how to report a case
Policy on Equal Opportunity
Policy Statement on Equal Opportunity in HKU
Find subject information on LibGuides
Optical Mark Recognition
The OMR scanner system (Opscan3) is for marking multiple-choice examinations or processing a user survey.
Rule of Law Education project (ROLE) at HKU
ROLE serves as a resource for a variety of stakeholders in Hong Kong –from members of the HKU community, to teachers in Hong Kong secondary schools, to the general public
Senior CLIC is a community legal information website specially designed with a view to providing Hong Kong elderly people with basic information about the law, crimes, and legal issues which elderly people are interested in, need to know about, and may affect them.
Panopto is the central Lecture Capture System used for recording lectures and events for subsequent viewing by students.
Shadow Education Bibliography
The CERC Shadow Education Special Interest Group has moved the shadow education bibliography to database format to better accomodate our more than 400 entries.
Research Resources: Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic
Research projects carried out in the Unit of Human Communication, Development and Information Sciences explore the basic origins and implications of communication and swallowing disorders.
Literacy Learning Pack
Resources for three psycholinguistic areas
LIC Online Tutorials
Online courses for different software
Special Study Rooms
Special Study Rooms support students with special education needs.
Multi-purpose Area
The Ingenium’s flexible exhibition and event spaces can transform through folding partitions to accommodate conferences, events, and workshops.
LIC Classroom
LIC classroom can be booked for a small group teaching. Booking must be made at least 8 weeks in advance subject to availability.
Library Innovation Centre
The Library Innovation Centre is the creative, collaborative and educational space which provides access to advanced software, emerging technologies and production equipment.
Level 3
Level 3 is a learning commons style facility providing a variety of spaces suitable for different learning styles including reflective self-study as well as collaborative study.
LIC Software
List of software available in Library innovation center.
T&L resources
Includes useful teaching and learning resources.
Teaching and Learning with Technology
Enhancing learning experiences through the creative, appropriate and effective use of technologies.
Turnitin offers Originality Check on students' work for proper citation or potential plagiarism.
Exhibition and Event Space
The Ingenium’s flexible exhibition and event spaces can transform through folding partitions to accommodate conferences, events, and workshops.
Family CLIC is a community legal information website specially designed with a view to providing Hong Kong families with basic information about the law, crimes, and legal issues which family members are interested in, need to know about, and may affect them.
Free Legal Advice Scheme on HKU Campus
The Faculty of Law of University of Hong Kong runs a Free Legal Advice Scheme on campus under the Duty Lawyer Service.
Headphones (including noise cancelling)
The Library provides Headphones (including noise cancelling) available for loan.
HKU Communication-Intensive Courses
CI-badged courses are courses that consist of a syllabus with components that explicitly develop communication-related knowledge, skills and attributes.
HKU Moodle
Login Moodle with you HKU Portal ID and pin to view your course materials.
HKU Moodle Support
A website for teachers, staff and students to get the latest news and training on Moodle.
Hong Kong Legal Information Institute
With a view to promoting and supporting the rule of law in Hong Kong, HKLII is a free, independent, non-profit Internet facility providing the public with legal information relating to Hong Kong. HKLII supports and participates in the free access to law movement.
Human Rights Hub
The Human Rights Hub is a centre for Human Rights learning, research and knowledge exchange within Hong Kong, the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.
Laptops and tablets are available for short loan at the circulation counter of the Main and Branch Libraries for use anywhere on campus.
Keep On Talking and Eating [KOTE]
The KOTE project aims to improve the communication and swallowing safety in the frail elderly by providing direct therapy and workshops in the community.
Keep updated on research information
Introduce BrowZine, Database alerts and Pre-print servers
Laboratory for Communication Science
Additional resources from Laboratory for Communication Science
Laptops and tablets are available for short loan at the circulation counter of the Main and Branch Libraries for use anywhere on campus.
EdTech Extra
Explore useful resources that will improve and facilitate your work here.
Editing Rooms
Editing room is a sound proof audio recording room.
e-learning Blog
Blog about e-learning news and events
Digital Interactive Lab
Digital Interactive Lab is designed for teaching, seminar and conference use.
Concept and Creation Rooms
Concept and Creation Rooms provide opportunities for users collaborative learning to brainstorm new concepts, share ideas, and work in groups.
Community Legal Information Centre (CLIC)
CLIC is a bilingual community legal information web-site. It is a quick internet guide for the general public to find relevant legal information in Hong Kong.
Chi Wah Learning Commons (CWLC)
Chi Wah Learning Commons (智華館) is a technology-rich, shared or common space in which students, teachers and others can come together to interact, and participate in various kinds of learning activities held there.
Catchbox Loan Service request
Catchbox is the world’s first throwable microphone. A number of brave innovators have been using Catchbox in their classrooms to promote more student engagement.
CACLER Teaching and Learning Resources
Teaching and learning resources provided by the Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research.
Basic Law Drafting History Online
Basic Law Drafting History Online (BLDHO) is an online resource providing information and materials from the drafting history of Hong Kong's constitution, The Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.
Audio Visual Support Services
LES (ITS) provides on-site technical support for audio visual events. Apply via CF44
Accessing HKUL E-resources
Accessing HKUL e-resources from HKUL, publisher's website, Google Scholar or PubMed
3D Scanners
3D scanners are available for current HKU staff and students. Online reservation is required for 3D Scanners.
3D Printers
3D printing service is available for HKU current staff and students. You can create your 3D model from scratch or download a file ready for printing on the Internet.
uPrint FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions on uPrint service
User Guide on Microsoft Teams
User can either download the Microsoft Teams client or use the web version of Microsoft Teams under Microsoft Office 365.
User Guide on Zoom
The campus license on Zoom is for use by HKU staff and students. They can use Zoom to organize online meetings for supporting their teaching and learning needs.
Vinyl Cutter
A vinyl cutter is a computer-controlled cutting device. The computer controls the movement of a sharp blade over the surface of the material. This blade is used to cut out shapes and letters from sheets of thin self-adhesive plastic (vinyl). The vinyl can then be stuck to a variety of surfaces depending on the adhesive and type of material.
Immersive Technology Space
Provide a space for students, faculty and staff to create immersive content and experience virtual reality as a tool for teaching, learning, and hands-on design.
iClass (Interactive Class on Cloud for HKU community)
iClass is a set of real-time interactive e-learning platform on cloud. It focuses on enhancing the interactivity of teaching and learning in the classroom.
e-Learning Development Lab
It is a unit in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Hong Kong specializes in the development of the latest technology for e-learning, mobile learning and other ICT tools for teaching and assessment.
Laser Engraver & Cutter
The Laser cutter works by directing a high powered laser beam very precisely at the chosen material to either etc, mark or cut right through.
Successful Job Application
A free online course designed to help students acquire the skills and better prepare for the job application.
Preparing for Experiential Learning: a video resource pack
A video resource pack for helping HKU students prepare themselves for experiential learning.
Common Recruitment Examination and Basic Law Test
A free online sample test designed to help students acquire the skills and better prepare for the examination.