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CAMPUS Project T&L e-toolkit
The CAMPUS project teaching & learning e-toolkit is an excellent platform for all Faculty members to design their own ageing-infusion teaching plan in 7 simple steps.
Hong Kong Art Archive
Contains visual archive of images of works by HK artists, guides to literature on HK art, etc.
Academic Advising Discussion Forum @ Moodle
For all HKU undergraduate students to exchange your ideas and experience throughout your study journey
Digital Repository@HKUL
A gateway for the discovery of digitized materials from HKUL.
Guidelines Governing Relationships Between and Among University Staff and Students
Guidelines for staff on governing relationships between and among university staff and students
List of Equal Opportunity Advisors in Departments/Halls
Contact list of Equal Opportunity Advisors in Departments/Halls
FAQ on Sexual Harassment
FAQ on Sexual Harassment, including the definition and how to report a case
Policy on Equal Opportunity
Policy Statement on Equal Opportunity in HKU
Find subject information on LibGuides
Rule of Law Education project (ROLE) at HKU
ROLE serves as a resource for a variety of stakeholders in Hong Kong –from members of the HKU community, to teachers in Hong Kong secondary schools, to the general public
Senior CLIC is a community legal information website specially designed with a view to providing Hong Kong elderly people with basic information about the law, crimes, and legal issues which elderly people are interested in, need to know about, and may affect them.
Shadow Education Bibliography
The CERC Shadow Education Special Interest Group has moved the shadow education bibliography to database format to better accomodate our more than 400 entries.
Research Resources: Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic
Research projects carried out in the Unit of Human Communication, Development and Information Sciences explore the basic origins and implications of communication and swallowing disorders.
Literacy Learning Pack
Resources for three psycholinguistic areas
T&L resources
Includes useful teaching and learning resources.
Family CLIC is a community legal information website specially designed with a view to providing Hong Kong families with basic information about the law, crimes, and legal issues which family members are interested in, need to know about, and may affect them.
Free Legal Advice Scheme on HKU Campus
The Faculty of Law of University of Hong Kong runs a Free Legal Advice Scheme on campus under the Duty Lawyer Service.
Hong Kong Legal Information Institute
With a view to promoting and supporting the rule of law in Hong Kong, HKLII is a free, independent, non-profit Internet facility providing the public with legal information relating to Hong Kong. HKLII supports and participates in the free access to law movement.
Human Rights Portal
The Human Rights Hub is a centre for Human Rights learning, research and knowledge exchange within Hong Kong, the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.
Keep On Talking and Eating [KOTE]
The KOTE project aims to improve the communication and swallowing safety in the frail elderly by providing direct therapy and workshops in the community.
Keep updated on research information
Introduce BrowZine, Database alerts and Pre-print servers
Laboratory for Communication Science
Additional resources from Laboratory for Communication Science
e-learning Blog
Blog about e-learning news and events
Design Democracy HK
Design Democracy Hong Kong is a unique online platform that promotes constructive and inclusive dialogue on the future of Hong Kong’s political system.
Community Legal Information Centre (CLIC)
CLIC is a bilingual community legal information web-site. It is a quick internet guide for the general public to find relevant legal information in Hong Kong.
Basic Law Drafting History Online
Basic Law Drafting History Online (BLDHO) is an online resource providing information and materials from the drafting history of Hong Kong's constitution, The Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.
ARG – AI Reading Group
ARG is a student-led academic group in HKU focusing on research level’s machine learning.
Accessing HKUL E-resources
Accessing HKUL e-resources from HKUL, publisher's website, Google Scholar or PubMed
Voice exercises video
Physiological Exercises: 1) Progressive Relaxation Exercise 2) Breathing Exercise 3) Humming and projection
HKU Machine Learning Society
Offering a series of events including workshops, talks and projects, to encourage collaboration and innovation within HKU and the wider community
Useful materials explaining the law, and your rights and obligations under the law for young people in Hong Kong
Ask a librarian to answer your questions and help with your research
A bibliographical management software to organize bibliographic references and create a bibliography