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Academic Advising Discussion Forum @ Moodle
For all HKU undergraduate students to exchange your ideas and experience throughout your study journey
Outcomes-Based Approaches to Student Learning
OBASL is an approach to programme and course design, and to teaching and learning, that is focused upon what the students are expected to learn and to do, rather than what the teacher expects to teach and do.
Support for Common Core Teachers
Handbooks, Websites, Brochure and Tips for Best Practices
Teaching and Learning with Technology
Resources for using e-learning to support teaching and learning
Technology-enhanced Learning (TeL) @ HKU
TeL refers broadly to the application of any technology for the purpose of enhancing teaching and learning.
Tips for Teaching Engineering Education
For conceptual and practical information relating to the development, innovation and research for engineering education.
Faculty of Education e-Learning
This is a one-stop support unit with e-learning pedagogical expertise coupled with design, production and implementation capabilities.
HKU CC Tutor Net
This is an online teaching support network for TAs and TUTORS of Common Core courses.
HKU Communication-Intensive Courses
CI-badged courses are courses that consist of a syllabus with components that explicitly develop communication-related knowledge, skills and attributes.
EdTech Extra
Explore useful resources that will improve and facilitate your work here.
e-Learning Resources @ TELI
These e-Learning Resources lists are not exhaustive but meant to facilitate your brainstorming and kick-starting your own journey in searching the right materials for yourself.
Catchbox Loan Service request
Catchbox is the world’s first throwable microphone. A number of brave innovators have been using Catchbox in their classrooms to promote more student engagement.
CACLER Teaching and Learning Resources
Teaching and learning resources provided by the Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research.
Using Flexible Approaches to Support Teaching and Learning in Uncertain Circumstances
This page shows a number of approaches and practices to support teaching and learning in uncertain circumstances.
Interactive Online Learning
A 15-day course about design considerations and implementation skills for e-learning at three different scales
Support for Online Teaching and Learning
Individualised support for teachers in faculties who are seeking to take their teaching in new directions
TELI003 Video Production Training
A course about the steps and tips of video production
Flipped Classroom @ HKU
A new way of teaching with an integration of technology and pedagogy